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Canadian Arab Soccer Club                النادي العربي الكندي لكرة القدم


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Powerplay Sports
12807 - 64 St
The Canadian Arab Soccer Club (CASC) is a member of the Edmonton District Soccer Association (EDSA).
CASC is responsible for the development of the soccer and sport programs among the Arab community.
The Canadian Arab Soccer Club was successfully established in 1987 under the Canadian Arab Friendship Association (CAFA).
CASC is self-sufficient in that it receives little funding from the CAFA. In its relatively short history CASC has won many district and provincial championships during both the indoor and outdoor seasons.


Starting the week of April 12 come show your skills.

Radwan Chehime 916-9880
Nadim Abou-Absi 476-2866 903-6617


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